President Trump Snubs Inman Turnbull

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Onya President Trump – give the little piece of crap hell. For our foreign readers Inman Turnbull is the Australian Prime Minister (who back stabbed his way into the job) Malcolm Turnbull. He is one of the most hated Prime Ministers we ever had on par with Julia Gillard.

Looks like Trumble… An unimpressed President Donald Trump stares down Malcolm Turnbull at G20 as they meet for the first time since the Australian leader was caught MOCKING him on video

trump snubs turnbull

The forecast may be for some fiery clashes at the G20, but things appeared to get off to a frosty start when Donald Trump greeted Malcolm Turnbull.

Photographs show an unimpressed US President staring down the Australian Prime Minster as they arrived for the first day of the summit in Hamburg.

It is the two leaders first encounter since footage leaked of Mr Turnbull mocking Mr Trump and alluding to his ties with Russia at an off-the-record event last month.

Mr Trump, who infamously hung up on Mr Turnbull in their first phone call, is seen shooting the Australian leader a stern look as he adjusted his sleeves.

The event looks set to be the stormiest G20 summit in years, with disagreements ranging from wars to climate change and global trade.

Mr Turnbull’s speech drew widespread coverage in the US media, raising questions about whether the relationship between the two leaders would sour.

In the footage, Mr Turnbull imitated the billionaire and touched on the political land mine territory of his relationship with Russia

‘The Donald and I, we are winning and winning in the polls. We are winning so much, we are winning, we are winning like we have never won before,’ he said.

Mr Turnbull also made reference to a ‘Russian guy’ who can make online polls look much better than the ‘fake polls’ in the mainstream media.

Mr Turnbull laughed off the leaking of the footage, insisting ‘this is Australia, and we’ve got to lighten up’.

The awkward exchange with Mr Trump was a far cry from the warm welcoming Mr Turnbull’s appeared to receive from German Chancellor Angela Merkel at their bilateral meeting on Thursday.

The two leaders used the occasion to discuss terrorism and a proposed trade deal between Australia and the European Union.

Earlier, anti-G20 anarchists stormed the building where Mr Turnbull is staying in Hamburg and clashed with heavily-armed police.

The Park Hyatt hotel, where both Mr Turnbull and Vladimir Putin are staying, was under heavy police guard when black clad protesters rushed the entrance.

The protesters were only driven into retreat from the five- star luxury hotel when police formed a barrier against them.

It came as police across the city used pepper spray and water cannons against activists who are torching cars and throwing smoke bombs.

Nine News reporter Seb Costello tweeted that protesters had ‘run at police outside Mr Turnbull’s Hamburg hotel.’

Earlier in the day, at least 111 police officers were injured as they continued to clash in Hamburg with anti-G20 protesters, leading to 44 arrests.

One officer had to be taken to a hospital with an eye injury after a firework exploded in front of him.

Thursday’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ march, which included about a thousand hooded activists, was stopped by riot police with water cannons in an attempt to break up the demonstration.

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