Reducing The Crime Rate

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The British figures are something you cannot argue with. 87% of all crime in Britain is done by non whites. How do you get the crime rate down? Simple, get rid of all non whites and almost 90% of the crime will cease. This website offers no doubt the Australian figures would be similar.

Nonwhites make up at least 87 percent of all gang suspects in Britain, newly-released figures from an official police database designed to track and identify criminals in that country have revealed. The figures—from the Metropolitan Police’s “gang Matrix” program have of course been condemned as “racist” by lefties, who say that it “unfairly stigmatizes young black men.”

london murder victims

The figures were released even as six more stabbings took place overnight in a renewed frenzy of Third World gang violence in the now majority nonwhite capital city of Britain as that metropolis continues its inexorable slide into Third World chaos—the inevitable result of decades of establishment promoted mass immigration and anti-white racism.

According to a report in the London Evening Standard newspaper, there has been a 44 percent “surge” in murders in the city.

Even though the cause is obvious—namely that Third World violence has come to London with its Third World majority population—the establishment still denies the overt racial link to the crime rate, and continues to pretend that there is something wrong with the “environment,” “policing methods,” or that there is a “lack of investment” in the city which is to blame.

In the latest outburst of pointless nonsense from the race-denying liberals, an “urgent review of police tactics to combat London’s wave of violence” has been “launched by politicians as six more people were stabbed in the capital,” the Evening Standard reported.

“The London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee said it wanted answers about why the increase in violence was happening,” the paper said—continuing the establishment pretense as to the real reason—and “why policing tactics are failing and what can be done to keep Londoners safe.”

The committee said it would examine Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “knife crime strategy,” including the effectiveness of social media and advertising campaigns and the knife detection wands being offered to schools in London.

Conservative Party London Assembly member Steve O’Connell, who is chairman of the Police and Crime Committee, continued with the race-denying delusion, telling the Evening Standard that the “Mayor and the Met [Metropolitan Police] need to take hold of the situation. We are determined to find out what is working and what is not.”

Even when some police officials dare to point out that the real cause of the crime wave which is destroying London is racially based, the race-deniers turn on them with accusations of “racism.”

In the latest such example, a London police gang warning detection system—which identifies behavior associated with gang and criminal violence—has been condemned as “stigmatizing young black men” because the vast majority of its identified subjects are black.

The Metropolitan Police’s “Gangs Matrix” was set up in 2012 in the wake of the wave of nonwhite rioting which burned down large parts of London and many other cities in the UK in 2011.

Police gather various intelligence including history of violent crime, entries on social media and information from bodies including local councils to identify gang members, then use a secret algorithm to calculate a risk of harm score set on a traffic light scale.

This matrix has now been condemned by Amnesty International’s UK Director Kate Allen who said that although “There is clearly a huge problem with knife crime violence at the moment in London, but the Gangs Matrix is not the answer. It’s part of an unhelpful and racialized focus on the concept of gangs.

“The entire system is racially discriminatory, stigmatizing young black men for the type of music they listen to or their social media behavior, and perpetuating racial bias with potential impacts in all sorts of areas of their lives.”

The reason why Allen and other race-deniers are so upset is because although blacks officially only make up 13 percent of London’s population, they account for 78 percent of all those listed on the Met’s Gang Matrix, while another nine percent were of “Asian and minority ethnic” origin.


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