Rising CO2 Levels

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Global Warming – Rising CO2 Levels – Methane – Ch4 – Sea Levels – Greenhouse Gases

Rising CO2 Levels – Methane – Ch4 – Sea Levels – Greenhouse Gases. Yes the world is buzzing with all of this. Guess what folks, its a big con job. Download the e-book here and see for yourself. The origins of it all and how it started. This e-book is free of charge.

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The simple fact of the matter is that it is in fact a giant con job perpetrated by our savior, the United Nations. Its nothing more than a tax raising effort to feed the UN. Every cent Australia has raised in taxes has gone directly to the UN. What started out as a simple business venture was hijacked by the Left Wing parties – how this all happened is in the e-book. One way or another you were going to be scammed. The truth about the Kyoto Protocol is in there as well. OK – you have heard of it but have you read the basic nuts and bolts of it? Now is your chance.carbon dioxide methane sea levels

This rather lovely looking chart goes back about 800,000,000 years. The top graph is glacial activity, the second is the sea levels and the third is CO2 levels. This basic data comes from what is called the Vostok ice core hole. You must be able to see the correlation between the lot.

cco2 temperature glacier

The above graph is very very clear and is authoritative. It is the very one the doomsday people wish didn’t exist. Its all in the e-book. Download it and read it now. Its free.