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Sam Dastyari the dirty little Iranian grub was caught cold warning the Chinese of a bug. All Bill Shorten wants to do is give him another warning. OK George Brandis, why is this Iranian piece of shit still walking around and why, as Prime Minister is Turnbull not on Brandis’s case over this and the prick arrested and charged. These lot are far more concerned whether a few queers getting their arses reamed out or not. If anyone wants to know why there is calls for civil war this as far as I am concerned is a damned good reason. I am sure as you have read elsewhere it does get worse.

shorten dastyariFrom Pickering Post –

In any other Western country this little Iranian rat would be sitting in a military jail awaiting charges of treason and a firing squad. How can any government allow a Parliamentarian of any colour to sit in Parliament while operating on a foreign payroll?
The Chinese have an estimated 1,000 active operatives in Canberra and capital cities. Their espionage success is dependent on who can be co-opted from inside the Government, that person used to be Bob Hawke, and then Bob Carr, Rudd missed out after he suggested the Chinese made love to rats. Today it is an unloved Iranian rat with the tacit approval of the feculent Shorten.
This story, as usual, will go nowhere. No-one has the balls to take the little maggot on when he is sitting on Shorten’s knee, but now the likes of Tanya Plibersek is critical of him you can be certain something is very wrong.

Dastyari is a member of the NSW Catholic Right, the most notorious of factions that combined with the Victorian Left’s union power base to give us scumbags like Bob Carr, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Graham Richardson, Tony Burke and an array of other Labor sub-luminaries involved with Sydney underworld spivs.

Bob Carr, as the Gillard appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, unelected due to a casual Senate vacancy, was cunning enough to stay under the radar.

The dumb self-publicising, Muslim maggot, Dastyari, can’t get on his pushbike quick enough and over to 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, where Chink attaches with fistfuls of dollars are awaiting his juicy info.

On this occasion the juicy tid bit was that their Embassy had been bugged by ASIO. ASIO of course didn’t want this known and had told Dastyari to keep his mouth shut but his pay packet and the donations to the Labor Party were too good to ignore… he needed to spill his guts.

After all it was only Australia’s security at stake.

And with China rapidly expanding into the South China Sea, any inside info was invaluable to the Chinese expansionary chiefs. And to know that your Embassy was bugged, and where, was invaluable info, because you could now say stuff that would lead the Aussies up shit creek.

It’s not passing strange that the Labor Party has always been fertile ground for Communist spooks. Back in 1983 ASIO was asked to bug former Labor Party National Secretary David Combe (above), after evidence of his cosy relationship with the Soviets and KGB agent Valery Ivanov were exposed.

The bastard was caught red handed on the piss with Ivanov on a bug that ASIO had already installed. No jail time, he simply disappeared into the leafy suburbs on a huge pension.

On a previous occasion the Dastyari gnome was discovered supplementing his pocket money by sending his personal bills to the Chinese Embassy for payment and on his own admission had received money from two Chinese companies with links to the Chinese Communist Party.

But it has wider implications, the massive donations issue was raised by ASIO in 2015 with the three main political parties. It is reported to have warned them that some of China’s major donors had strong links to the Chinese Government (oh dear ASIO, surprise, surprise).

None of the three parties gave a stuff… the sums donated were too great to knock back. Only Shorten suggested it should be looked into, in a hardly hidden effort to diffray criticism of the treasonous actions of Dastyari. But that was almost three years ago and nothing, including the Iranian rat, has changed.

China is unashamedly trying to influence Australia’s foreign policy. It has already acquired the Darwin port and has infiltrated the new ASIO building in Canberra in which the entire wiring had to be replaced. It has also bought swathes of Australia’s highly productive land.

Dastyari had expressed in the Chinese media that Australia should keep its hands off China’s incursions into the South China Sea despite Labor’s policy being at variance with Dastyari’s leaks to the Chinese media, but was he to be disciplined this time?

Hardly, there was a $400,000 donation on the table in return for Dastyari’s treason.

So on this previous occasion Shorten wrist-slapped him and sent him to the back bench for a few weeks, now he is back on the front bench, with a promotion to Shadow Deputy Whip, he is up to his old tricks again.

And the Libs don’t have clean hands either, a certain Huang Xiangmo hurriedly donated $100,000 to then-trade minister Andrew Robb’s (above) personal campaign fund on the day the free trade deal was signed with China. Shorten nearly had a fit! Hmmmm.

So what discipline will Dastyari suffer this time? Oh, maybe Shorten might confiscate his prayer mat for a day or two, before presenting him with another shadow promotion.

If Shorten was Trump he’d have been impeached months ago and if they could find Dastyari they would have shot him on the spot.


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