Sharia Law In Australia

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It had to happen, its out in the open now, and no going back. It was always said we dont want Islamics in this country, all the social do gooders and bleeding hearts have now really stuffed the country.

The fact of the matter is these clowns will never live in our country by our laws, they all claim to want to come here to escape the repression in their own countries. Utter crap. Alcohol is legal in this country however I am sure these fools want it outlawed.

The story is of Chris Martinez, a caucasean who converted to Islam. He seems to have had a drinking problem so 2 Islamics flogged him for it.

The story goes:

A Muslim man who was allegedly lashed 40 times by four men who broke into his Sydney home as a punishment for drinking alcohol says his Islamic faith is a beautiful religion.

Chris Martinez, 31, also said the Muslim community has been supportive of him despite the events that allegedly took place on Sunday.


Tolga Cifci: —

Cifci was arrested after a computer hard drive belonging to Mr Martinez and electrical cord thought to have been used in the attack was allegedly found during a police raid at the Auburn house where the accused lives with his parents.


Wassim Fayad:—-

On Wednesday, Wassim Fayad, 43, was granted bail in Burwood Local Court on charges of aggravated break and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence. He is also charged with detaining a person in company with intent to obtain advantage and two counts of stealing from a dwelling.



As for you Mr Martinez, you also state:

Yes of course. Islam is a beautiful religion, it’s a great guideline to life, it’s a real way to live your life. I mean I’m not perfect. I’ve done things in the past that I shouldn’t have done. But in saying that, Islam help me get through all of that, helped me get through my past, and I now I believe I’m a better person because of Islam. This was about some individuals not religion.

They’ve (the media) been very pushy. Extremely, extremely pushy. They’ve made false comments, they’ve published my name, put out pictures of me without my permission, got my phone number somehow and rang me at crazy hours. They are parked outside my house day and night and threatening to release stories about my past. I feel like a victim twice over from their hounding and threats of blackmail.

And then this:

I only decided to go to the media, at this moment, with the right people, yourself and Robert Ovadia from Seven news just to get my story out there, so people that want to know, they [will] get it, and I can move on with my life, and just end it.

Is that a fact is it? Seems you deserved everything you got.