Star Wars – The New Movie

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star wars

I saw the latest Star Wars movie. The good guys were the Rebel Alliance (as always). The bad guys were the First World Order. Now, is not the major issue here fighting the New World Order. This movie is no accident at all. Go see it – it will scare the hell out of you.

The movie goes back to basics, A lot of the original cast are in it. I wont spoil it by giving too much away at all, suffice to say the very real political nature of the movie will be lost on many. Look at it with the opening paragraph in mind though.

More importantly, go see it and then encourage your friends to see it but do not mention the real nature of the movie.

In all the star wars movies movies its all about probing for the weak spot, there is always one. Then launching a concerted attack. The one thing the movie does make clear and we all know this, these lot dont care as to how many die. Sounding familiar?

May the force be with you.

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