Hits: 1 How the Apostles died. Follow Christ as he is without a doubt the saviour of mankind. You think you have it tough, these people fought and died for their beliefs and eventually won. All were horrific violent deaths. The lesson here is very simple, stand firm and neverRead More →

Hits: 99This is a web page I have been wanting to do for a long time. How The Apostles Died Read Ken is a personal friend of mine and has been for many years. A wordsmith of the best kind. I would describe him as a modern day Banjo Patterson,Read More →

Hits: 77Into the valley of death rode the 800… October 31st 1917 How The Apostles Died Read Australia’s finest military victory was the charge of the Light Brigade on Beersheba It was an attack that had to happen, either that or perish from no water. From that came 2 things.Read More →

Hits: 48I have done lots of jumps but never seen anything like this ever. This guy is either plain stupid or has the biggest set of balls on anyone. I look at it often and still not sure if he should have ridden it out, In these situations it reallyRead More →

Hits: 89There has been some shall we say “discussion” on removing Vegemite from school canteen kids lunches. There seems to be a claim that it isn’t healthy or some such rubbish. It is in fact one of the healthiest foods around. OK – we are all not happy about theRead More →

Hits: 135The system is now so rattled that instead of pretending to be honest it now has to come out with overt and open corruption. such is the case of Cairns Magistrate Jane Bentley in hearing a legal argument – hear is not the operative word at all. Read thisRead More →