Anything connected with corruption – there is no shortage of that not in Australia anyway, there is no point in complaining as every politician in the country is involved and all they do is cover for each other. Liberals, Labor, yes even Pauline Hanson has her grubby fingers in the pie. All they are doing is setting themselves up for a cushy number with the United Nations. The amount of money being rorted and scammed is unbelievable, makes grand larceny look like raiding the petty cash tin.

Views: 14 Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, were shot and killed at a Queensland property. Pictures: Facebook I just came across the following regarding that police shooting: I didn’t write this, I am just sharing… “Every single Australian Police force is corrupt. They are killers. TheRead More →

Views: 8 Court hears Bungendore man guilty of trying to import cocaine in excavator arm believed he wouldn’t be breaking the law   Landscaper Timothy Engstrom has faced a sentencing hearing after he was found guilty of trying to import cocaine.(Supplied: Australian Border Force) A Sydney court has heard aRead More →

Views: 2 An extract from Credlin in today’s Sunday Telegraph— “… Whatever the government says about remote representation (on the voice) it’s almost certain to be dominated by city-based activists demanding changes to Australia Day, treaties and reparations, and claiming that problems on the ground are the result of racismRead More →

Views: 7The Yes crowd being lefties woke and Communists for the referendum simply did not factor in the possibility of losing, ever. They pulled every dirty trick in the book, in spite of that were thumped. Beaten into submission. Without the vote fixing tactics the true figure for them wouldRead More →

Views: 9 The Voice – a tidy explanation: A few months ago I spotted [Indigenous Australians Minister] Linda Burney by chance at a Chinese restaurant. It gave rise to a hypothetical conversation — what if a waiter explained the menu to Burney in the manner she responds to questions aboutRead More →

Views: 17 Time to make a stand. Clare Nowland will have been buried by now may she rest in peace a beautiful lady taken from this earth. I somehow feel responsible! How can that be you think! In some way we are all responsible for her death? 1. When ZoeRead More →

Views: 8 Queensland Police Service facing charges after dozens of officers injured using road spikes Ian Stewart, left, who visited Constable Peter McAulay, middle, was the police commissioner when the officer was injured in 2018. The Queensland Police Service has been charged with breaching workplace health and safety (WH&S) lawsRead More →

Views: 318This we think is a little closer to the truth than many would want to believe. It being forced upon us by totally non elected people – the United Nations. Composed mainly of people from backward countries telling the advanced countries to slowly sink down the shithole and becomeRead More →