Hits: 57It had to happen, its out in the open now, and no going back. It was always said we dont want Islamics in this country, all the social do gooders and bleeding hearts have now really stuffed the country. The fact of the matter is these clowns will neverRead More →

Hits: 54British Riots vs. Australian Illegal Immigrants – Spot The Difference.   Sorry to have to tell you this however there isnt any difference. Mostly Black, Islamic and have little sense. Destruction and violence are their weapons to intimidate us. The difference is only the British ones have their freedom,Read More →

Hits: 29On Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown and the Greens. I believe you are (was) the Mayor of Marrickville? A local government person? Libraries, senior citizens centres, baby health centres, rubbish removal and street sweeping. Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown & The Greens Fiona Byrne is the sort of person you takeRead More →

Hits: 35On Bob Brown – Greens Bob Brown – Former Green Party Leader… The Great Illegal Immigrant Circus Bob Brown, come on mate. you did a great thing with the Franklin River issue but sadly you have hit your use by date. Your party and beliefs have been hijacked byRead More →

Hits: 37The Greens At It Again, particularly Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. The Greens have slammed any proposal by the federal government to process asylum seekers in Pacific nations. As if Labor particularly Julia Gillard hasn’t screwed it all badly enough with letting the rooftop reffos rubbish here in the first place,Read More →

Hits: 35Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – Iranian Woman Stoning – All I can say is stone the ungrateful bitch – She deserves everything she gets. Why try and help these idiots at all? It basically shows how born stupid these lot are. What is she expecting – some kind of mercy?Read More →

Hits: 53Teresa Gambaro Liberal? As Australia works to stem the flow of asylum seekers landing on its shores, the nation should be more supportive of other new arrivals, some of whom may be the victims of xenophobia. Comment: Correction Teresa, it has gone from 3 a year to one everyRead More →

Hits: 65Australians Criticized By Iranian Criminals An Iranian illegal – claiming to a be refugee, has criticized Auatralia and the Australian Navy for not doing our job better. While giving evidence at a coronial inquest, the man, who cannot be named, criticised the Australian navy for not detecting their vesselRead More →

Hits: 64Racial discrimination at its absolute worst Racial Discrimination at its worst and in an incident shows exactly why Australians are now racist and highly upset. We have in this country a lunatic fringe from the left, Fabians and socialists. The greatest Political football we have is these arseholes thatRead More →