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Views: 148The NSW Highway Patrol are without a doubt the most corrupt of any Police force in the world. A GD friend of mine advises that they are known internally as the gestapo. Another told me that very few volunteer for the Highway Patrol, most are sent there and theRead More →

Views: 332 The pic that caused Tod Carney all the trouble – idiot Tod Carney, cock, scandal, naked dick exposed, penis exposed One that I found but edited a bit. It didn’t take long for the funny people to start. What gobsmacks me is a lot of the NRL players areRead More →

Views: 220Joel Monaghan and The Dog Picture. A picture saves a thousand words. Well done mate, you have typified what a footballer really is. Forget the spin…. And it was a Canberra Raiders team mate that took the photo? Now where is the RSPCA in all this? There is aRead More →