Hits: 61Belinda Neal is the wife of John Della Bosca, the same John Della Bosca that “helped” convicted heroin dealer/importer get a job with the department of education on works release. I refer to Michael Coutts Trotter, the husband of Tanya Plibersek, deputy leader of the Labor Party. Tanya wasRead More →

Hits: 111Britain and America are two countries that, in recent years, have led the world in attempting to give disabled people rights and equality. During his presidency, George Bush Senior was proud to sign the Americans with Disabilities Act while the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act has gradually transformed the livesRead More →

Hits: 111 How The Apostles Died Read Factually this is quite correct. Both Hitler and Churchill are very right wing and both believe it or not were fighting for the very same ideal. Hitler was upset about the way Germany was treated after the war by the Jewish bankers andRead More →

Hits: 92Dubai tour company offers pirate hunting cruises off horn of Africa This is my kind of holiday – would love to go on it. Maybe this mob should start them in the Mediterranean going after refugees. Think they would be swamped. How The Apostles Died Read After years ofRead More →

Hits: 107Take the poll on Starbucks at the bottom please Starbucks isn’t just supporting homosexual marriage…they are fighting AGAINST traditional marriage. This is a battle cry. A final assault of Liberalism before Conservatives make homosexual marriage illegal. This is like a Muslim call to prayer. Will you stand and fightRead More →