Hits: 71There is a poll at the bottom of this web page, please vote. WASHINGTON — President Trump abruptly announced a ban on transgender people serving in the military on Wednesday, blindsiding his defense secretary and Republican congressional leaders with a snap decision that reversed a year-old policy reviled byRead More →

Hits: 91Dubai tour company offers pirate hunting cruises off horn of Africa This is my kind of holiday – would love to go on it. Maybe this mob should start them in the Mediterranean going after refugees. Think they would be swamped. After years of murders, kidnappings, and heists, theRead More →

Hits: 88There has been some shall we say “discussion” on removing Vegemite from school canteen kids lunches. There seems to be a claim that it isn’t healthy or some such rubbish. It is in fact one of the healthiest foods around. OK – we are all not happy about theRead More →

new australian navy ships

Hits: 49AN $89 billion program to build navy ships and submarines over 20 years, including a guarantee that future frigates will be built in Adelaide, will be announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott today.To be highly congratulated for this. AN $89 billion program to build navy ships and submarines overRead More →

Hits: 61Its not about same sex marriage, its not about safe schools, its not about anti Islam, its all about Aussie values. That’s where the true issue lies. The mateship, the willingness to help those in need, there comes a time when we say enough is e-bloody-nough. That time hasRead More →

Hits: 71Australian Legacy bigger than all of us will ever be.If anyone wants to try and discredit or destroy the Australian Military you are going to have to get past these good people. I hold the view they are the backbone of it all. If there was a reason toRead More →

Hits: 72Australia The Great Southern Land Australia Great Southern Land of contrast, floods, fire, drought all at once somewhere on the same day. We are a proud nation, nothing came easy – we have our proud Military day, April 25th where we honour those who fought and died for us.Read More →