Hits: 30Nathan Rees, another one of NSW disastrous Premiers… And you Nathan are one of the worst we ever had after Bob Carr – you know, out Foreign Affairs Minister. Where do you get off at you fool. How The Apostles Died Read Ok Nathan Rees – lemon sucking timeRead More →

Hits: 35Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – Iranian Woman Stoning – All I can say is stone the ungrateful bitch – She deserves everything she gets. Why try and help these idiots at all? It basically shows how born stupid these lot are. What is she expecting – some kind of mercy?Read More →

Hits: 44 How The Apostles Died Read Now lets get the facts right here Julia Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner, the first bloke Tim Mathieson, have finally moved into their new digs at The Lodge in Canberra. Ms Gillard deposed her predecessor Kevin Rudd in June but refusedRead More →

Hits: 65Racial discrimination at its absolute worst Racial Discrimination at its worst and in an incident shows exactly why Australians are now racist and highly upset. We have in this country a lunatic fringe from the left, Fabians and socialists. The greatest Political football we have is these arseholes thatRead More →

Hits: 29Nothing independant about this joker Andrew Wilke at all. Nothing but a piece of shit troublemaker. He entered politics for his own agenda to cause as much trouble as he can. One of the ratbags that gave Juliar Gillard power for powers sake. How The Apostles Died Read LetsRead More →

Hits: 41Just what can you say about this woman? Anything good at all? I think not. She is quite clearly a total out and out psycho and for the good of the community locked up. Where it gets scary is that she was part of the highly respected group weRead More →

Hits: 83This is Chopper Reed’s take on OH&S, Australian style. If you are of high christian principles and have delicate ears it may be prudent to bypass this one. If you have a good sense of humour, then enjoy it. Trend 🔥 How The Apostles Died How The Apostles DiedRead More →