These are some of the unsolicited testimonials we receive from satisfied customers. We do try our best but like any enterprise from time to time things go wrong. Its then we get real busy and fix things. Click here to add your say.

Great Gift


I got these for my kids and they thought it was the best gift they ever got. Their Dad loves them. that’s all the want to know. The kids asked me to get the “I love my mum” bracelets for Christmas.

My son and daughter mean the world to me. They asked Mum to get them “I love my Dad” to give to me for Christmas but I dont know that. How beautiful is that, interesting times ahead for us and a wonderful loving family Christmas.

Its personal and has meaning and they are so cheap.

Peter Armitage

Cat Earrings

cat earrings

I have been looking for these for ages and wow, they are fantastic. I love my cats and this shows it perfectly

Thanks Novamagic for specialising in these hard to find items. Will be getting more cat themed items very soon.

Alice Johnson

Medical Alert Bracelet

I have a son who is diabetic and fortunately for him he had his diabetic bracelet on a few days ago. You see, he had a diabetic fit and the paramedics were able to save his life instead of waiting many hours for lab tests and all the other things.
Best investment I ever made, it saved my sons life that diabetic bracelet. I do urge everyone with a chronic condition to wear something like this.
Love and Light

Jenny Wagner

Old Novamagic

Can you bring back the old Novamagic please? It was the only decent website for authoritative views there was.It was highly respected and much of the information well ahead of its time. You guys are freaky at doing that.
Sorry to see you are having troubles with the Cops but hey, dont we all. We have your back brother, they dont stand a chance.They will be the first ones to go down when the trouble starts, there are more of us than they think.

Might put it back online one day under a different name, I still have it saved as a tarball so I can get it up and running in a few hours

The support is appreciated but I urge you to stay within the law – Paul


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