The Criminalizing of Being Gay

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Once upon a time being queer was a crime and carried heavy sentences. There were many instances where the National security was threatened because of blackmailing individuals and fear of exposure. Get one thing through your heads, that was the only reason being queer was decriminalized. It had nothing to do with anything else, individuals rights did not enter into it.

There is a poll at the bottom of the page and in light of the information here you should have an opinion.

Let me give you some history about something. Former Prime Minister Harold Holt did not simply disappear. he was taken out. The reason is very simple. He was a queer and a pedophile. His wife Dame Zara was going to divorce him and it would have all come out in the open. One of them had to go. Within 12 months Dame Zara married a polly H. J. P. (Jeff) Bate.

ONE in six Australians believe that relationships between same-sex couples should be considered a criminal act, according to a new survey.

Research conducted by the Ilga-RIWI, a collaboration between the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association and an analytics firm, on global attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities revealed 16 per cent of Aussies agreed that “people who engage in romantic or sexual relationships with people of the same sex should be charged as criminals”.

The statistics were based on answers to a survey that would have reached between 1000 and 3000 Australians, while overall 116,000 respondents in 77 countries and territories took part, according to the report.

Tiernan Brady from the Equality Campaign said the research made “it clear” they “have more work to do around the world to ensure equality for gay and lesbian people.”

“On each step on this journey to treating LGBTI people with respect and dignity, we have seen it takes nothing away from anyone else.”

“Civil marriage equality takes from no-one. It will make a profound difference to the lives and dignity of LGBTI Australians and their family and friends.”

“Fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society and we believe our laws should reflect these values of which we are most proud,” they said.

It comes amid recent polls surrounding the same-sex marriage survey, which predicts a clear win for the Yes campaign.

A new study conducted by Galaxy Research for PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) found that, of the Australians who have handed back their same-sex marriage surveys, 66 per cent have voted Yes and an even larger majority of 78 per cent want same-sex couples receive the same treatment as any other couple.

But it seems that these results might not echo global attitudes as much as previously thought.

More than 28 per cent of people who participated in the Ilga-Riwi survey also believed same-sex relationships should be criminalised. This figure was significantly higher in the African and Middle Eastern areas that were surveyed, coming in at 45 per cent and 36 per cent.

Countries known for being more accepting of same-sex couples still had a significant number of people who agreed they should be charged, with the US coming in at 18 per cent, the UK at 17 per cent and New Zealand at 15 per cent.

In Britain it was illegal for men to be in a same-sex relationship until 1967.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed yesterday that of the 16 million same-sex marriage surveys sent out in September, a massive 12.3 million responses have been received.

With the November 7 deadline drawing closer, three out of four eligible Aussies have already had their say in the poll, leaving just 23 per cent of voters who were yet to return their forms.

The Yes campaign were pleased with the high turnout of voters and reminded people that there was still time to have their say.

“We welcome the high turnout of voters because it shows that Australians are passionate about getting marriage equality done,” said Tiernan Brady, from the Equality Campaign.


On Being Gay
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