The Permanently Offended

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Some people just don’t get it. We all give Government Departments a pasting when they screw up however when they do a great job it also has to be said as well. Gender stereotypes, what a crock of shit. Signage is by international convention and where there is no specific agreement a general agreement in principal as to how signage is to be done. Stereotyping is in fact a big part of it, makes it legible and understandable by all. These loonies want it to suit them and sod everyone else. Just for the record, the owner of this website has spent most of his Sydney life on the Northern Beaches and still does. Factually, the new transport system looks great, well designed and fits in with the local culture. This Candy Bingham really is short on intelligence. You seriously wonder what sort of message she is sending out.

running man exit signTake for example an exit sign. Its called running man, though in the event of a fire you actually walk, not run. The brainless loony left usually panic and run, have seen it all before, worked in that industry for many years. Lets look at the gender stereotyping on this one. It’s running, wrong. Its a male. Dear God, it should be gender neutral. This one is in fact covered by international agreement. Yet no doubt the loony left permanently offended will want it changed. OK let a heap of people die just to suit their stupidity.

That though has been the hallmark of that level of stupidity, so long as the permanently offended are not offended it doesn’t matter at all.

The stupidity doesn’t end there at all. Melbourne being the heart of the permanently offended snowflakes have taken matters one step further and yes they are proud of it. Their walk/don’t walk signs are now politically correct. Sadly they do not comply with standards at all.

pc walk sigs

Basically that means if you get hit by a car you can successfully sue because these things do not comply with any standard recognised. Don’t let a thing like legal compliance stop you.

Back to the main issue – Sydney Buses.

ARTWORK on the side of new B-Line buses has been criticised for showing a woman pushing a pram while a man is depicted with a briefcase.

b line bus

Female community leaders have called the blue designs on the new yellow, double-decker vehicles “lazy” and “short-sighted” after a mother ignited a Facebook debate saying they reinforced gender stereotypes.

candy bingham

The mother had initially posted on Northern Beaches Mums page, saying: “Not including all the timetable changes that sound completely nuts, is anyone else seriously disappointed in the pictures on the B-line buses?

“A woman pushing a pram, a man in a suit with a briefcase … talk about reinforcing gender stereotypes.

“What message does that send to our kids? Women stay home with kids and men go out to earn the cash? What a shame!”

There is also an image of a male surfer and a male and a female jogging together, alongside waves and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Some mums agreed.

One wrote: “If people see this and see no problem then they, without malice or intent, are part of the problem of gender stereotypes which hurt us all, not just women, but men, too.

“It’s a typical short-sighted design that really signifies there is a lot to work to do to get equity and equality in our society.”

Others said it was “oversensitive nonsense” and “insignificant” and comments were later turned off.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said she feared the new buses, which were launched this week from Mona Vale to the city, sent the wrong message to children.

While the mum’s comment was met with a fierce Facebook debate, female community leaders said they were disappointed, too.

Northern Beaches Deputy Mayor Candy Bingham said the design was “out of date”.

Cr Bingham said “sometimes we go too far with this nonsense” and later added: “The images certainly aren’t typical of the northern beaches where both men and women do share all work and play activities.”

Cr Sue Heins, who set up business group Inspiring Women, called the artwork “lazy.”

“My thoughts immediately are wow, this is the lazy person’s way out, going for standard stock images, of what appears to be the normal family, normal person which is so not characteristic any more of the diverse cultures we live in,” she said.

“I just think it’s pure laziness.

“It’s an opportunity to connect with the community. The fact it’s even coming up on a Facebook group is yet again they’ve really missed the mark on who actually lives in Sydney.”

Manly state MP James Griffin’s office refused to comment on the debate.



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