There Was No Plan B

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The Yes crowd being lefties woke and Communists for the referendum simply did not factor in the possibility of losing, ever. They pulled every dirty trick in the book, in spite of that were thumped. Beaten into submission. Without the vote fixing tactics the true figure for them would be no better than 10%. One of the best results for no was in Ayers Rock electorate, 63%. The Yes mob are making all the excuses possible, you can read them on any social media site.Weary Anthony Albanese breaks his silence after Voice to Parliament is resoundingly defeated

Albanese has to wear all the blame. He is a hard core Communist who simply cannot accept defeat at any cost. Hence no plan B, he will push ahead. He is the type that will burn Australia to the ground and rule over the ashes. That is his plan B, all radicals to achieve this. To defeat him will take equal radicals…. Very honest people at that.

His whole sole purpose was based on the promise of THE VOICE, not the economy, food and utility costs, health or anything to benefit EVERY AUSTRALIAN. He should be gone!

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