Victoria Sunk To A New Low

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The “at least” $50,000 bill to deal with the leftist thugs at Milo Yiannopoulos gig in Melbourne. The most Communist Government we have in Daniel Andrews now encouraging the radical left wing to cause damage and the innocent victims to pay for it. Makes sense, just another attack on the right wing trying to shut us down, that’s all. Personally I would be telling the Police Minister to go screw herself big time and get the thugs to pay for it. Oh I forgot, none of them have a job and don’t have any money. Its only the right wingers that work and produce anything. I admit I have my misgivings about Milo for my reasons however the Victorian Police Minister is – I was going to say, way over the top. The true statement is they are so low. I cannot (yes I can) express my total disgust at the Victorian Police Commissioners conduct. Her name is Lisa Neville. The left once again are the victim. 300 cops to handle about 50 idiots, how good are these lot?

lisa Neville
Jesus, she even looks like a bloody leftie – yuk.

The following comes from The Age Newspaper.

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville told radio station 3AW on Wednesday that up to 300 police were called in to separate the protesters.

She said those behind the event would be footing the bill for police resources.

“They’ll certainly be getting a bill,” Ms Neville said. “There were a lot of resources put in and I’ve had a lot of interesting tweets sent to me saying ‘what a waste of police resources’, but unfortunately in that situation, we’ve got two groups who pretty much set out to cause the harm that they did… try and cause violence and try and get on the TV so police are there to try and protect the general public.”

Ms Neville said the cost would be at least $50,000 and added it was common practice for organisers of large-scale or controversial events to be billed if large numbers of police resources were required.

“There is a definable cost to this, Victoria Police have some costings per officer, depending on the seniority officers,” she said.

“There is for lots of events where there is an agreement with Victoria Police around the cost and cost-sharing ​arrangement. Police do some community based events which are not-for-profit, but for these sort of rallies and also for the AFL and those big events there is an agreement around the cost.”

Ms Neville said police were in the process of working out the exact costs.

She was unaware if Mr Yiannopoulos had agreed to pay the costs, but she hoped he would.

“It’s a big call to say you’re going to ignore a bill from Victoria Police,” she said.

Mr Yiannopoulos’ publicist has been contacted for comment.

Personally I would be telling this skank to go fuck herself.

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