We Are Responsible

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Time to make a stand.
Clare Nowland will have been buried by now may she rest in peace a beautiful lady taken from this earth.
I somehow feel responsible!
How can that be you think!
In some way we are all responsible for her death?
1. When Zoe Buhler was handcuffed and arrested in her kitchen and pregnant for a facebook post. Did we all stand up and say NO?
2. When Monica Smit got arrested and jailed for incitement did we all stand up and say NO?
3. When that young girl in Melbourne was being choked by that big policeman for the offence of not wearing a mask did we stand up and say NO?
4. When that elderly lady in a red coat at the cutting tripped and fell only to be pepper sprayed in the face as she lay on the ground did we stand up and say NO?
5. When millions of people took a vaccine against their free will mainly to keep a roof over their families head and food on the table did we all stand up and say NO?
6. When the police fired rubber bullets at peaceful demonstrators at the Shrine of Remembrance did we all stand up and say NO?
7. I myself have been at the bottom of a ten police scrum to arrest me for the heinous crime of attending a demonstration and waving a flag.
So because we the people let the government controlled police to behave like this.
Why are we surprised that Clare Nowland, a frail 95 yo lady using a zimmer frame and armed with a knife, was tasered not one but twice, once in the front then as she was falling tasered again in the back!
Did we stand up and say NO?
No we did not!
That is how we are all responsible for Clare Nowland,s death!
I for one am saying NO enough is enough and I will see that kristian white (Yes I will say his name because he needs to be remembered) is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The police are downplaying the whole event saying we need to respect the families privacy and get on with our lives and brush this all under the carpet. Watch how long they will drag this out so it fads in people’s memories.
I am demanding that Karen Webb be sacked for failing to carry out her job properly. Failing to view the bodycam footage is a direct dereliction of duty because it could provide evidence to clear or incriminate office white.
Say “NO”
Please SHARE lets stop the corruption and violence of the government and police
Brendan Edgerton
Written by Brendan Edgerton Facebook

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