Judge Rodney Madgwick appears to have something of an interesting history. From the outset I wont say he is a bad Judge, he has his own ideas on what it takes to look after the interests of Australia. I have mine on that regard and am just as influential in阅读更多 →

警方将试图说服你,尖峰是安全和无害. 当他们扔出去的尖峰他们试图杀死你. 事实. 制造商总是提醒他们是危险的,可能引起其他严重伤害或死亡. 这是事实. Somehow the Police decide they are designed阅读更多 →

在这一切的更新. 布偶人考上叫我一个布偶, Snr Const Brendan Gregory of the Gosford Highway Patrol who started all this off was shown to be a malicious liar. 它被证明是毫无疑问的尖峰, 被捕是在他的部分恶意行为. The阅读更多 →