Australian Camel Cull courtesy of the Australian Green Party

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Australian Camel Cull courtesy of the Australian Green Party – seriously, of all the inane reasons possible. Where do these environmentalists actually get their brains from….

Australian Camel Cull courtesy of the Australian Green PartyIf anyone wanted to cull them because they are a pest the outrage would be taken all the way to the United Nations and the screams of animal rights reverberating around the world. We have a problem with other countries because we farm and eat our national emblems, the kangaroo and emu. Because they fart and allegedly harm the earth that’s enough reason to kill them according to Green party logic.

But there is hope in sight yet to cull the camels.


australian camel cull
australian camel cull

Yep, they fart and produce dangerous methane gas highly toxic to the atmosphere and all mankind is doomed without culling them.

This is what these morons had to say: (Department official Shayleen Thompson)

“Camels like cattle do in fact produce methane as part of their digestive processes,” Ms Thompson told a Senate estimates hearing on Monday. How about killing this Green Party bitch because of the crap she talks?

“The idea is that one can take action to reduce camel populations off a set baseline and hence create carbon credits as a result of that activity which does benefit the atmosphere.” Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

“So it does offer the opportunity for some quite exciting abatement including in areas like the Northern Territory where people are very interested in finding opportunities to reduce emissions and create new revenue streams using the mechanism of the CFI,” the department’s land division head said.

Any reduction in emissions resulting from a camel cull wouldn’t count towards Australia’s Kyoto targets.

Oh – so now the Australian Green Party have a legitimate excuse for killing these animals. That makes it alright does it? No it doesnt actually. Next thing they will work out is that people also fart. Next we start culling them. Green Party are so full of crap they need culling.

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